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Tom Moller interviews LarryThe following are four short mp3 audio recordings of author Larry D. Ellis being interviewed on the radio program Along the Way about his book Forgiveness: Unleashing a Transformational Process. These programs were broadcasted over KRKS-FM radio, Denver, Colorado. The producer and moderator of the program was Tom Moller.


In this first segment Larry introduces the fundamental meaning of Forgiveness. (6:55 minutes)


In this segment Larry explains that authentic forgiveness is unconditional and completely in our control, but forgiveness is to lead us to reconciliation, which is not under our control. Several misunderstandings about confession and repentance are presented. (7:06 minutes)


Here, Larry discusses several fictional myths about forgiveness. One such myth is that we are to forgive and forget. Another is that forgiving means that we excuse the person who has hurt us. (6:51 minutes)


In this final segment, Larry discusses several additional myths about forgiveness. It is crucial that we experience a world view that is based on God’s point view, not our own point of view and self-interest.  (5:37 minutes)

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